Frequently Asked Questions

Where you are living, how much money you earn, and other services that you may already be receiving, can impact your eligibility to receive an independent living stipend.

If you have questions about whether you qualify, the best place to start is to ask your Caseworker. If you want to read the specific policy that explains what an independent living stipend is in detail, Click Here 

***What is a Q Card and how can I use it to recieve my IL Stipend?

Your Independent Living Stipend can be received either on a reloadable debit card called a "Q Card" or directly deposited into your bank account, whichever you prefer. You can use your Q Card to make purchases like you would with a debit or credit card, and to withdraw cash from ATM machines.

Check out the links here for more info, including QuickCents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), for important information about how QuickCents works.

If you have any questions, please contact your Caseworker—he/she will be able to help you set-up and manage your QuickCents account.

Here are some links to more info about the Q Card and forms that you may be asked to complete to get signed up.

QuickCents for YOUth FAQs 

QuickCents for YOUth FAQs (Spanish)

Q Card Term of Use Cheat Sheet

Q Card Terms of Use Cheat Sheet (Spanish)

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Direct Deposit Authorization Form (Spanish)

The New Jersey Foster Care (NJFC) Scholars Program helps many foster and homeless youth with tuition and fees at a public New Jersey college, university, or vocational school.

Scholarships are also available for young people that go to private or out of state schools. You may be able to receive scholarships that help with:

* Tuition and Fees
* Room and Board
* Books and Supplies
* Transportation
* Computers/Special Equipment
* Child Care Costs

Click here to find out more information and to get the latest NJFC application Click here for the answers to some common questions about the scholarship. You can also contact the NJFC Scholarship Program at 1-800-222-0047 or  

If you haven’t been able to get in touch by phone, try reaching out to them by email. All email addresses for DCP&P have the same format, which is For example, if your worker’s name is John Smith, then his email would be

If you still aren’t able to get a response, try calling your Caseworker’s office, press "0" and ask to have him/her “paged”. You can find the main number for every DCP&P Local Office here.

You can also call the office and ask to speak with your Caseworker’s Supervisor, or the “Local Office Manager”. This person oversees the whole office and can help you get the information you need.

You can also contact the Department of Children and Families' Office of Advocacy at 1-877-543-7864 or If they can't answer your question, they can help find someone who can.

The best place to find out more information on housing programs is right here on this website. If you know what county you live in, click on the resources tab on the top of this page, click on that name the county and then the button that says “Supportive Housing Programs”.

In order to find out if a program has openings and to see if you qualify you should contact the Adolescent Housing Hub at 1-877-652-7624. For more information on the Adolescent Housing Hub Click Here